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The Assist Learning podcast is dedicated to helping teachers and families assist students with learning disabilities. In this podcast, we explore the intersection of instructional technology and special education.

Apr 23, 2018

The focus of this episode is going to be on engaging students through 20-time projects and providing them different avenues to express their learning. Our main focus is how are we going to harness the interest of students who are struggling to overcome learning disabilities and other challenges. Keep this in mind and share any stories that you have with students who might fit that profile.

Kevin Brookhouser, M.Ed. is the author of The 20time Project: How educators can launch Google’s formula for future-ready students. He teaches digital citizenship and computer science at York School in Monterey, California and is a Google Certified Teacher, Google Education Trainer, and National Association of Independent Schools Teacher of the Future. Kevin serves on the board of The International School of Monterey. He is a learning animal.

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