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The Assist Learning podcast is dedicated to helping teachers and families assist students with learning disabilities. In this podcast, we explore the intersection of instructional technology and special education.

Mar 19, 2018

Stephen is the author of the novel Black Ice, a coming of age thriller with five-star ratings on Amazon. And the short story collection Intolerance. These books as well as much of his writing and focus on kids in crisis - social (often racial), emotional, physical, drug/alcohol related - and the various ways they deal or don’t deal, with their problems.

Stephen entered the field of education through the New York Teaching Fellows Program. He taught special education in Washington Heights Schools. There, he coached Dominican, Latino and African American students in an underserved school district, to write plays about their lives. The plays were submitted to a New York City Wide contest. 6 students won awards which they received on a stage in form of a Manhattan-wide audience.

Since then, Stephen has taught English to grades 7 through 12 in the Nyack School District, in Rockland County, New York. He has worked with all kinds of learners, including special education and English as a new language (ENL) students.

In Nyack, Stephen has served as a lead teacher, a teacher leader in the IDE.corp LATI Classroom model, which has been widely incorporated into the yack School District. He has run Professional Development, served as a team leader, a soccer and basketball coach, and represented the Nyack School District at Ed21Leader Conferences in Boston and Denver.

His plays have been produced Off-Broadway and in Seattle, New York, and Toronto. His screenplay Freedom Mile has been optioned for production. He offers extensive writing and editing services through where he has helped many developing writers achieve their goals.


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